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January 14-15th, 2022

Epicurean Hotel-Tampa, FL

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This is a unique two-day gathering with ONE goal and that is to create a community that awakens entrepreneurial possibilities and inspires wealth creation.

Over our two-day gathering, you and 100 other like-minded people will (safely!) gather to listen to expert speakers, participate in general sessions, receive access to vital tools and resources, and birth your BIG dreams.

  • VIP Seating
  • Meet & greet with Octoryia and speakers before luncheon
  • Double-entry to win Dream Grant
  • Upgraded registration bag
  • Free Gift
  • Access to all sessions
  • Vision Book
  • Lunch and entry to “Be Inspired Luncheon”

*All Ticket Sales Are FINAL*


Octoryia Robinson

Host & Speaker

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The woman behind the vision of Dream That Big! Once a teen mom, high-school dropout, financially unstable, and a complete emotional wreck.
Octoryia Robinson’s heart is fully committed to helping people realize their worthiness despite their past.

She is the Founder and CEO of Launch Now, the co-founder of Dream That Big Publishing, bestselling author, award winning speaker, and the host of the podcast Now to Next. She is recognized and loved as an inspirational leader, advisor, and coach for those starting up or starting over in life and/or in business.

Octoryia relentlessly and compassionately pushes herself and challenges those who follow her to live, build, and value themselves both personally and professionally. She is an authentic and genuine dream-nurturer to those she serves.

Naeem Boucher


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Naeem Boucher is the CEO/ Team Lead of Naeem Boucher Properties. From humble beginnings growing up in the inner city to now selling $30 million and counting in Real Estate. Naeem has helped over 100 clients with buying their first house, selling their home, and investors with adding to their portfolio.

Naeem has now created a team of agents to help grow and develop so that together they can help more families with all of their Real Estate needs together! Naeem is also a real estate investor and is sharing his knowledge of investing with his team and clients!

Naeem lives to inspire, encourage, and motivate others to believe that anything is possible. It doesn't matter where you start in life, you can make all of your dreams come true! Naeem shows that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and big goals! He shares his passion and knowledge with his team and together there's no telling what is next to come!

From being raised by a single mom to now being a top agent with his mom right alongside him as one of his agents. The sky's the limit and it is only the beginning!

Michelle Denham


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Michelle Denham is a Realtor/Mentor and the team lead of Bay Life Group, the production leading real estate team with Align Right Realty. After just 7 months in the business, she accrued enough in real estate sales to earn her the 2018 Summer/Fall Top Producer Awards in her company as well as the prestigious 2018 Align Right Realty Company Ambassador Award. The following years she continued to pace the company as a top producer earning awards quarterly in 2019, 2020 and 2021 and shattering her personal income goal.

While Michelle has been investing in residential real estate for several years prior to immersing herself into a new profession as a realtor; it was no small inter-industry transition, rather a true phoenix story rising from the ashes of her past. A young mother, Michelle was a traditional stay at home mom for many years but, following a divorce she was left penniless. Often times, having to stop at the local food banks for food assistance. She wondered how she would ever afford four walls to raise her kids. So, she began cleaning people’s homes as often as she could, slowly growing her clientele. Through a tenacious work ethic and extreme attention to detail grew a well-respected professional cleaning business, Heavenly Maid LLC. Over the following 4 years, Michelle grew the business to employ sixteen cleaners and servicing over 175 residential and commercial clients.

After deciding to close the business she built, shifting her focus to selling real estate rather than cleaning it proved to be life changing decision for her and her family. Hear Michelle’s own words on how the drive and will to succeed are some of the critical tools to her success story.

Saleema R. Board


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Saleema Board known affectionately as the Vision Diva, is a firm believer that every life "event" should have a "Signature" Touch as unique as one’s handwritten autograph.

At the young age of ten, Saleema had a vision that inspired her to plan her own birthday celebration. Young and full of excitement she knew this very day that she had a life worth celebrating and a burning desire to help as many people as possible to discover this same joy.

Fast forward, Saleema is now a powerhouse entrepreneur/in demand event manager, who has been successfully adding her "Signature" Touch to events for over 12 years. Saleema’s passion for people, events, and creating vision turned into an event planning business called, Signature Touch Events. With this entrepreneurial endeavor Saleema and her team now help dreams and visions become a reality.

Through the years she has discovered the incomparable value of “vision” when approaching a dream or goal. “Vision is the key element in everything we do, and business is no exception to that rule.” Now she has expanded her entrepreneur portfolio to include motivational speaking, mentoring, and training individuals on the subject matter of: Vision.

Kirk Downey


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Kirk has been in the multifamily industry for over 15 years. During those years, Kirk has held executive positions of CEO, COO and mentored over 50 industry and non-industry companies. Kirk believes that people are the key. To lead, we must listen to our team, our clients and membership and include them in decision that affect them directly. Everyone must have a voice for a company to succeed. Kirk is a firm believer in accountability, processes, and positivity.

Kirk’s involvement with the National Apartment Association has encouraged him to sit on many committees, become an executive for NAA’s National Suppliers Council and serve as Chairman in 2020 through the pandemic. As a public speaker and major NAAPAC and State PAC supporter, Kirk is sought out to speak at many local, state and national events.

Kirk lives in Sarasota, Florida with his amazing wife and industry titan, Angi Pusateri-Downey. They have 3 incredible adult children, Braden and his wife Kaitlin, Brooke and her husband Jeff and Briana who all live in the area. Kirk also loves his furry kids Macie and Booker and loves to play in his band, “Get Off My Lawn”.


Click the Tabs Below to See the Iternerary for Both Days:

7:00 pm: Roof Top Networking

  • What better way to start an ah-mazin weekend then Networking? Come out expecting to meet many new people, connect with speakers, have loads of fun and win some author STUFF!!!!!

9:00- 12:00 pm: General Sessions

  • Speakers include Saleema R. Board (founder of Signature Touch Events), Michelle Denham (Top Realtor, Align Right Realty), and Kirk Downey (Senior Executive and Public Speaker)


12:30 pm: Be Inspired LIVE

  • Speaker: Naeem Boucher (CEO of Naeem Boucher Properties)
  • Dream Grants to be awarded by sponsors!


2:30 pm: Final General Session

  • Final session with Octoryia Robinson (founder of Launch Now, co-founder of Dream That Big Publishing, bestselling author, and award-winning speaker.

Bonus close out experience***


This is the heart and soul of Dream That Big!

This is where you transform your vision into reality. 

You will work with awe-inspiring leaders who have done it. They’ve overcome their fears and limiting beliefs to live the life of their dreams. The entrepreneurs running our General Sessions are at varying levels of success in a variety of industries and believe it or not: they are just like you.

They’ve made it from scratch.

They’ve started from the bottom, now they’re here.

They are going to share all their secrets so you can go further, faster.

Do you have a big vision but you’re unclear of what to do with it?

Do you imagine what it’s like to be the kind of person who just does it?

Does admitting your dream out loud mean you’d have to actually follow through?


So, what’s stopping you? Just OWN IT!


In the Clarifying BIG Ideas with Vision session, dreamers will be led through the transformative process of creating a vision book (think: vision board, but more detailed, specific, and using the power of written word and imagery!) The Vision Book will be a reminder of your commitment to accomplish your dreams.


Led by: Saleema Board

Think about how much your limiting beliefs have stopped you from achieving in your life.

Internal sabotage takes place in the invisible place of our mind and can cause procrastination and lack of execution. No one sees it, but you hear it every day and see the results every day when you look at your life around you.

In this session, we are going deep. It’s time to be vulnerable and honest with yourself: what is holding you back from living the life you envision in your wildest dreams?

Led by: Michelle Denham  

How many ideas have you failed to fully bring to realization? How many times have you let fear and worry stop you from taking the steps to make your dreams become a reality?


With a crystal-clear vision and powerful mindset, you will put them to practice with practical tools and tricks to fully execute your dream. For real.


Led by: Kirk Downey

This is where it all comes together. This is where you are left with the choice: you either do it, or you don’t. You either commit, or you don’t. You either show up for yourself, or you don’t.


To share your gift and fully execute your vision is a service to the world. The world needs your voice, your message, and your brilliance.


Time to get real, learn how to actually break the cycle, and step into the life of your dreams.


You will not want to miss this life transforming experience!!!!!! Imagine a gigantic Dream _ _ _ _! Meet us there to enjoy this powerful finale.

Led by:
Octoryia Robinson

The in-person iteration of our Facebook Live event that moved thousands of people! Here, you’ll listen to and connect with other dreamers who have turned their unique visions into their lived reality.

At Dream That Big, we believe that so much is achieved through healthy conversations. Be Inspired LIVE is a chance for you to ask our guests anything at all. They’re coming to tell you the raw version of how they got the courage to pursue their dreams. This is a vulnerable and transparent conversation about the ups, the downs, the wins and the losses.

Additionally, select entrepreneurs will be awarded Dream Grants. (When you sign up to attend the gathering in person, your name is automatically entered to win grants from $500 - $1000!)

Come prepared to be inspired by Naeem Boucher.